FreePBX 15 is Released!

Much of it is stored in json files as well so you could technically make a backup. Modify the json and import that modification.

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i am looking at doing the upgrade from 14 to 15

the upgrade process says:
If you are currently using any commercial modules please ensure that they are eligible for upgrades . You can do this by looking in [System Administration], in the “Activation” tab. If a module is not eligible for upgrades, it may stop functioning!

i go to the Activation tab:

Registered Modules

Sys Admin

Expiration Date 2043-01-12 (2 Zend Resets remaining)

how do i tell if it is eligible for an upgrade?


System admin support is perpetual, you don’t need to worry about that. Most other paid commercial modules require annual renewal, which you can read about here:

thanks - did the upgrade
Module: “Directory”, File: “/var/www/html/admin/modules/directory/assets/less/cache/lessphp_a33c75f8fd797f5f1d0b12c94adf9d52.list missing”
Module: “Directory”, File: “/var/www/html/admin/modules/directory/assets/less/cache/lessphp_b9a32037f24c7a11a6b2cd2f7fc09919ddb91e04.css missing”
Module: “Directory”, File: “/var/www/html/admin/modules/directory/assets/less/cache/lessphp_yjp55e70p0ggoskoogk0o4swws0gos.lesscache missing”

how do i fix these?

update: found solution

Big kudos to all the team , I will be trying this new version on a fresh install in a few days

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Is this not a 14->15 upgrade module? Why am I getting this error? This was a v13 distro that was upgraded to v14 via the upgrade tool.

Hi @1sae:

That is the message you would get if you attempt to upgrade a PBXact system. I wonder, is your system on FreePBX hosting?

Yeah @lgaetz is right - the module is definitely not for updating PBXAct right now as PBXAct 15 has not been officially released yet.


small typo there too…

If your spell checker doesn’t recognize that word, it may require upgradation.


This isn’t PBXact or hosting, it’s started with 13.0 distro, scripts to update and the 13 -> 14 upgrade tool.


That being the case, please open a bug ticket at It appears the upgrade module thinks there is licensing in place that is not supported yet.

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Hi All

Reported issue i.e. has been fixed and latest versionupgrade edge module is available. Please give try with latest edge release of version upgrade as mentioned in

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