Freepbx 15 Custom Contexts 13 and backup & restore 15

The old Custom Contexts module ( which works properly in FreePBX 15, is not present in the list of modules to be backed up (15). How can I enter it and then restore? Not being just a file or a directory.

The new Backup and Restore module uses a “per module” interface to pull what files/directories need to be backed up. The Custom Context module is (AFAIK) no longer supported and wouldn’t have been modified to support the new backup API.

Ok, but I use it, and if I restore the pbx I have to manually enter the context for each extension …, so is there no solution?

You would likely need to come up with something custom (outside FreePBX) to copy the necessary files/DBs.

Ok, I’ll try. Thank you.

Backup/restore these mysql tables:


Specified table backup would be a nice addition to the backup module.

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I agree, let them know, so they can consider it.

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