Freepbx 15 & Asterisk Version Switch

Good afternoon, all. Recently upgraded our FPBX in our office from 14–>15. A couple minor bumps but nothing major.

However, we’re still running Asterisk 13 (13.27.1 to be exact). From what I can tell, the “asterisk-version-switch” script seems to no longer do the trick, as I was hoping to get the newest Asterisk version deployed as well.

Can anyone shed some light on how one would go about upgrading Asterisk now under FPBX15?


works for me

did you install the 15 from native ISO or upgrade from 14 ? and when you run version switch do you encounter an error ? if so open you can post it here and/or open an issue with the details at

This was an upgrade from 14–>15. And it literally says “command not found”

[[email protected]<Hostname>]# asterisk-version-switch
bash: asterisk-version-switch: command not found

Is this a distro system?

It is. It was created off the Distro Disc of 14.

rpm -qa | grep asterisk-version-switch

(doesn’t this suggest it’s installed, or just that the RPM file is there but isn’t installed?)

I just ran it to confirm and it’s working properly.
I would update modules, run yum update -y and see if that works.

So, I was in as ROOT, and it failed, but when I jumped back to my regular login, the script did it’s job. Of course, it said I had to BE root in order to actually run the upgrade, which suggests to me the issue is more of an issue of my root login not having the same search path. I’m guessing if I went into the directory where the script was (as root), it would run just fine.

Does anyone know the path to that script?

you can run:
which asterisk-version-switch

It will show you the path, however I only login as root to PBX’s and it has always run.

It’s weird. This is on GCE, so I used the web SSH terminal, which requires you to SUDO SU to get to root. And when I do that, it can’t seem to find the file. However, when I ROOT straight in via SSH from my computer, now the script is running.

which asterisk-version-switch
/usr/bin/which: no asterisk-version-switch in (/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
[[email protected] /]#

Thanks - seems this was an oddity with the SUDO SU method in GCE’s web SSH terminal.

The root “PATH” isn’t getting set correctly.

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