Freepbx 14 Wake Up Call Operator Mode Not Working

I installed Freepbx 14 on a Intel NUC. Under wake up calls I set up a couple of operator extensions. Neither allow us to choose the extension. Wake up calls work, just not the operator feature.

I have a couple of dozen systems running in hotels without issue and they all utilize wake up calls just fine.

just tested this on my FreePBX 14 system without issue

based on the docs i read, the defined operator extension simply allows you to use *68 to set a wake up for a number other than your own

my test was adding 1001 as operator extension.
i then called *68 and created a wakeup call for 1002.
i confirmed it was in the list

i removed the operator extension and dialed *68 …
the difference without the extension recognized as the ‘operator’ extension is that i was never prompted for the number to call for the wakeup call as i had been previously when defined as ‘operator’

hotelwakeup is where i tested and the latest in stable for 14

check your config and understanding of operation

if you still find a problem open an issue with what you are seeing - ie a call trace

issues site -

I installed the latest distro:

Release Date: May 2019

The wake up call version listed for the module is

I built a system about 2 months ago that is running the wake up call module and it is working.

I added my extension as an operator extension. When I dial *68 I don’t get the option to choose the extension for the wakeup call. All of the room phones can set a wake up call for their rooms. It is just the operator extension that is not functioning correctly.

I built an extension for 01, which is one of the default extensions for the wake up call operator. When I registered a phone with that extension it did worked the same as a regular extension.

This box is running on the customers site, and has been since Thursday. I built another system today at home and got the same results.

I reformatted my hard drive and installed the previous distro:


I registered a phone and added it to the wake up call operator list. Worked like a champ first try.

You didn’t have to re-install FreePBX if you know that it worked in a previous module version.
You can always downgrade.

What version of wakeup do you have installed now?

I didn’t mention that, but I was able to downgrade the wake up call module to before I reformatted but it still did not work. Something else must be affecting it.

I just checked and the previous the distro that I am using SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1904-2.iso also uses and it is working.

Got you.

However, I honestly don’t think this was a distro issue, rather something else, like time etc.

I just tested as well with it works fine.

Next time, if you can get some logs, and we can reproduce it, the developers can then fix it. As of now we don’t know how to reproduce it even.

I am going to swap this system that is now working for the one that I left the customer last week. I would be happy to pull the logs. I will pick it up tomorrow.

What information should I pull?

Assuming that this (non-working) PBX will have no calls, then the easiest would be to run

asterisk -rvvvvvv

Dial *68 and monitor the call, see if it fails, eitherway you can post the trace here and we can help you read it.

You can also check if the time on the PBX is correct by running


You have verified that Operator Mode is enabled on the non-working PBX, right? Outside of that you need to debug/look at logs to see things are processing right.

The Operator Mode looks for one thing, the CallerID Number of the caller. If that CallerID Number is in the operator list for the hotel wakeup module then it treats them as an operator and will list all wake up calls and let them enter a room number for a wake up call.

So when you test this on the machine that doesn’t work or look at the logs on the machine, you need to verify that the CallerID Number is being sent properly and caught as a valid operator extension.

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