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FreePBX 14 Release Candidate

(Andrew Nagy) #42



But I think mine shipped with a 32-bit install (listed as i686).

(Tony Lewis) #44

System 50 was 2 years ago and only supports 32bit.


Tony you’ve claimed that before but that’s not correct. 2 years ago will be at the end of THIS year. It’s less than 18 months old. It was even sold by Sangoma into 2016 if I recall.

Now, I believe both the system and Ark show the D2550 CPU as 64bit. There may be other constraints regarding 64bit capability related to the motherboard and BIOS but the CPU was capable (again, dependent on the other parts).

(Tony Lewis) #46

Last manufacturing of those systems were in 2015. Not sure on last sale date based on inventory or what distrbutors had but you may be correct that some systems were sold in late 2015 and maybe Jan 2016. That info I would not have handy.

I just know when we stopped manufacturing them was 2015.

And the MB we used was not allowing 64bit installs from my memory as we had to build a special PXE install for them of 32bit.

(Tom L.) #47

It’s been a while since anyone has asked so… any update on the upgrade from 13? I haven’t seen anything posted and just want to make sure I’m not missing something.

(TheJames) #48

No official timeline but “close” Expect an announcement soon.

(Tony Lewis) #49

Upgrading from EL6 to EL7 based systems in place without a reinstall and re-setup is very very complicated. Neither RedHat nor CentOS provided such a path for this reason. We have it working and its going through QA as we speak. Its been a huge investment of time and money but will be well worth it in the end.

What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

I can’t speak for Tom, but it sounds like he just wants a FreePBX upgrader. As do I! Nothing to do with operating systems.

(Andrew Nagy) #51

Usually we create these after the distro is released. I will be doing the same.


Ok thanks for the reassurance! There’s been an awful lot of focus on the bundled OS product the last couple of years, just don’t want you guys to forget about the guys who get paid to build and manage their own systems. :wink:

(TheJames) #53

One thing of note FreePBX 14 requires PHP 5.6. Any non-distro implimentations will need to update their php version to match.


Yup have been on Remi’s PHP 5.6 for years now. Looking at upgrading to 7 soon!

(Andrew Nagy) #55

I have just finished the version upgrade script (for non-distro). PM me if you’d like it

Restore from 10.13.66-15 to FreePBX 14 fails with Whoops\Exception
(Tony Lewis) #56

You can not go to PHP 7 with FreePBX. Have to stick with 5.6 for now.

Asterisk 14 & Freepbx 14 on debian stretch - missing /var/lib/asterisk/bin
(Matthew B) #57

Just curious, why not design FreePBX for PHP 7?

(Andrew Nagy) #58

Because there is no Zend support for php 7

(Alex Matthews) #59

Are you talking Zend Framework? It’s supported PHP7 for over a year.

(Bryan Walters) #60

@qoole No, we aren’t referring to Zend Framework here but rather a product they are no longer supporting, which is Zend Guard.

(Nate Smith) #61

Will there be an upgrade path from the RC to final release? We are in the process of setting up servers for a new facility, and would like to use the newest version if possible.