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FreePBX 14 Release Candidate

(Kevin T) #22

Awesome. I believe I am.

(Marbled) #23


There might be other places but an easy way from the web interface is

Reports > PHP Info > System

You should see something like this:

Linux hostname.tld 2.6.32-642.6.2.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Oct 26 06:52:09 UTC 2016 x86_64 

If you see x86_64, you are on 64bit…

Have a nice day!


(Kevin T) #24

Actually, I did it by going thru putty/ssh and issuing the command ‘uname -m’. Gave me the x86_64 flag. Thanks!

(Kevin T) #25

So, in order to ‘migrate’ a donor machine to RC14 i’ll pretty much run this process twice? once to get it on VM then another to move the VM back to the donor in essence after running the iso on said donor?


I trust there will eventually be an upgrader module for those of us on self-installs?

(Andrew Nagy) #27

Yup. But it’ll require php 5.6


So in theory, a CentOS self install upgraded to PHP 5.6 via say the Remi repo, should be upgradable to FreePBX 14?

(TheJames) #29

generally speaking yes. Note there may be other hangups like libssl, libcurl etc.
Also Centos6 is security only next week (may 10th) so any OS bugs are simply there.


As long as it can create a migration path to a SNG7 base via backup/restore that should be fine. I take that this process will burn a Zend reset though?

(Matthew B) #31

Zend reset? I hope not. I have my FreePBX virtualized on VMWare. So I would just assume copy down the MAC address first, and then make sure the new VM has that same MAC address? I am hoping that will work with an upgrade.


(Tony Lewis) #32

We will be releasing soon a in place upgrade system for users of the existing SHMZ OS based on EL6 (Distro version 10.13.66) to the new SNG7 distro based on EL7. It will also upgrade you to FeeePBX14.

How to Upgrade FreePBX Distro 13 to 14
Restore from 10.13.66-15 to FreePBX 14 fails with Whoops\Exception
(Matthew B) #33

Great news, thanks Tony.


Hi Tony,

I suppose this upgrade is only for 64bit systems, or would it also be possible to upgrade a SHMZ OS-32bit to SNG7-64 bit?

(Tony Lewis) #35

Nope 64bit only. Would be really dangerous for us to try and convert a 32bit to 64bit through a upgrade.


When do you plan to release a stable version of SNG7?

(Andrew Nagy) #37

We have no timeframe on this.


FreePBX 15 will be based on php 7.1? :slight_smile:

(Andrew Nagy) #39

Probably not, it will be 5.6 based.

(Kevin T) #40

Is there any news on the in-place upgrade and it’s process?


So I’m assuming the System 50 units will need a wipe and reinstall? Will that mean a Zend reset too?