FreePBX 14 Press 1 to Answer Call on Mobil Phone

Hello all,
I’m very new at FreePBX. My Testing Environment as follow;
Using FreePBX
My first test is creating an ext. and when there is no answer on that ext. it will redirect to my cell phone, when answering my cell phone, I would like to Press 1 etc… to accept it. What I have done to accomplish this as follow;

  1. Created Misc Destination “My-Cell”
  2. Created Ext 101
  3. Created Ring Group with 101 Extension list. Enabled “Confirm Calls”, Configured “Destination if no Answer “Misc. Destinations=MyCell”.

When I pick up the call from my cell phone it answers right away, I would like it to keep ringing until I press 1 on my Cell Phone. Or is this a Cell phone configuration?
Any help would be appreciated
Thank you in advance

Use FollowMe, enable Call Confirmation.

You cam set up FollowMe on your primary extension and configure after how many rings (initial ring time) it should ring your cellphone.
Or you can setup another extension that rings straight away your cellphone, and instead of pointing to the Misc Destination, point it to this extension. (can be a virtual extension as well)

@PitzKey Thank you for the reply
I have created test ext (111) for my Mobil phone .
Enabled Confirm Calls under Follow/Me

From my SIP phone I dialed ext 111 and my Mobil phone rings, my voice mail picks up after ring count ends.
Before answering my phone I would like it to state “Press 1” to answer, but no matter what or how I try to configure it, My Mobil phone still picks up the call.
Any more advice would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance

On extension 111 did you set anything for Destination No Answer?

Also, can you post a full screenshot of your FMFM settings of extension 111? You can blur your cellphone number.

Yes/ I created Misc Destination with my cell phone. FYI this is ext 100. instead of 111

Here is the top half of fm/fm

You don’t have your cellphone here in the FM list.

Cut the misc destination… Just please create ONE virtual extension, add your cellphone to the FollowMe list, enable confirm calls. It should work when calling that Virtual Extension.

Now go back to the Ring Group, set the destination no answer to the Virtual Extension.

LOL awesome, that fixed it. Thank you so much.
When I was reading on how to go about doing this, it keeps stating to make “Misc Destination”.
Learned something new.

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