FreePBX 14 Connection with OVH

Hello everyone!
First of all, sorry for my bad english.
I am from France and I want to setup a freePBX Server connected with my VoIP provider (ovh).
I use microSIP as softphone and it works perfectly with OVH currently.
I installed FreePBX 14 on VMware and the administration panel is working.
I created an extension called 6000 so I can connect it to my microSIP.
I want to use this extension to get inbound/outbound calls working with my OVH account so I added a PJSIP Trunk and specified my provider informations.
But i dont know how to connect this trunk to my extension 6000.
I found a lot of things (outbound routes, dial plan). I tested a lot of settings but nothing is working. I cant make outbound calls currently.
I start with this tool, so I am very lost.
Maybe it’s super easy but I don’t see…
Thanks for reading me and for the future help :slight_smile:

microSIP does not work with PJSIP.

You have to download and install microPJSIP.

Thanks for your answer.
Ok I will create a simple SIP extension.
But my question was about connecting my provider with my extension 6000.
I dont know how to begin it.

How long of a cable do you have? if your cable can reach the whole way from your provider to your extension 6000 then just plug it in. Otherwise you will require a wireless solution.


I was talking about voIP provider or SIP provider with sip username and password and a sip server

Oh, my mistake. Please list out the server, username, and password here so that we can help.

SIP Provider : OVH
Server (i will put spaces between each character because i can’t post link,i’m new) : s i p 5 . o v h . f r
username : 0033184231182
but the password is secret ^^

hey everyone,
i am still stuck on the configuration…
any idea ?

I am just curious why there are so many people joining the forum from France with extremely similar issues to discuss.

(And none apparently with the ability to comprehend or implement any solutions offered)

Hello my configuration with freepbx and OVH:

In “Genreal”:
fill only the name and the Outbound callerID

And in sip Parameters:
context user: a name

register string: 0033972abcdef:******

name: a name

Hello and thanks for helping me.
I followed your config step-by-step by :
-creating a new SIP trunk using your configuration
-creating a new SIP extension and by the way a new SIP user
-configuring microSIP for this user
but when I click OK microsip says the password is incorrect…
Is my config correct ? i will post more screens
thanks a lot

@lmproduction67 , have you contacted @torfin or @NordineZ or @JeeCee , also several others here who are struggling with OVH and microsip and basic usage over the last few weeks , perhaps you should all get together?

I replied to @torfin on this thread, so my issue can help other people :slight_smile:
yes this is for basic usage but it’s not so easy haha

So let’s wait for @torfin to reply . . . (you probably have his ear)