Freepbx 13 page refresh Asterisk Info -> Peers


I notice when on Reports -> Asterisk Info -> Peers, the page does not refresh like it used to.

On previous versions if I click on Peers again the page would reload, but in this new GUI it does not. There also was a refresh button on the bottom left of the Peers page which is not available on the newer interface. Currently to see if the user has registered or dropped I must reload the browser which takes me to the Asterisk Info -> Summary and then I click on Peers again.

I have reproduced this on Firefox, Chrome and Edge but I’m unsure if it’s a bug, or my Windows 10. Anyone else see this?

Thank you

Yes this has bothered me about the new interface as well. I believe I also have a ticket open for this section of FPBX gui which on mobile doesn’t allow access to any of the reports. I would have to look it up later though.

I agree, the refresh button is really necessary on all Asterisk info pages, please bring it back…