Freepbx 13 -> 14 Module upgrades not avaliable online

I upgraded a backup of one of our servers from 13 → 14. We were using the 13 distro originally and the upgrade went smooth until it came to module updates and the http server, http got fixed.

Upon doing module updates the only modules that would properly update was Framework and I had to specifically upgrade sysadmin as it said broken but that got updated as well. It was trying to download core and was saying this:

fwconsole ma update core
No repos specified, using: [standard,extended,unsupported,commercial] from last GUI settings
Downloading module ‘core’
The following error(s) occured:

  • Retrieved Module XML Was Empty

When running an “fwconsole ma listonline” it showed this:

Now I was able to progress after banging my head against a wall for long enough. I found these topics which led me to a partial fix:

After emptying/deleting /etc/schmooze/pbx-brand I was able to update about 75% of my modules.

The remaining modules say “broken” and when trying to update I get:

fwconsole ma update parkingpro
No repos specified, using: [standard,extended,unsupported,commercial] from last GUI settings
Downloading module ‘parkingpro’
The following error(s) occured:

  • Retrieved Module XML Was Empty

I was able to install an update for endpoint after a reboot but the rest of them I haven’t been able to update.

Module Version Publisher License Status Track
extensionroutes Stable Broken
pagingpro Stable Broken
parkpro Stable Broken
vmnotify Stable Broken
voicemail_report Stable Broken
recording_report Stable Broken
restapps Stable Broken
conferencespro Stable Broken

Any idea what I can do to get these remaining modules updated? Freepbx and Asterisk work for the most part right now besides those broken modules.

What are you using now?

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The Freepbx 14 Distro. We are trying to stay on the official distro path, it works so much better than trying to add to centos.

PBX Firmware: 12.7.3-1708-1.sng7
Asterisk 14.6.1

You’ve now declared to the mirror servers that you don’t support commercial modules because you have no branding file. Which is why you can’t upgrade them.

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Before deleting it none of the modules would update.

After deleting it most of my modules installed.

I restored it and “Enabled; Not available online” is back for all modules.

All it says in it is the name of my webhost. No unique identifiers or anything else. I’m wondering if that brand is the problem. What does it represent or what does it get its identifier from?

In the brand file you need to write “FreePBXDistro”

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Thanks! That worked even if very strangely.

If I tried running updates through the FreePBX web GUI it would still give me the “Xml was empty” error.

If I ran it from command line the updates went through fine. (fwconsole ma upgrade parkpro)

I performed an fwconsole restart and its back to the web host’s name. So I’m calling this issue fixed but we found a couple bugs. That I’ll report tomorrow.

Edit: Additional Info

Upon investigating it further it seems that the /etc/schmooze/schmooze.zl file is what it grabs the branding info from. Changing the branding in that breaks all commercial modules.

You will need to open a commercial module support ticket. It’s free. But no one will be able to help you here.

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Yeah I am doing that right now. I just wanted to help anyone that finds this via google.

Issue Thread:

That is not a commercial module support ticket.