FREE PBX backup and restore on another PBX

are these backups and restores stables? The Asterisk dies after 5 minutes after restore from another PBX. I am doing 4th time installation and always after restore it dies. Different hardware but for PBX restore that does not matter. Is there any known issue? Both are updated to the latest one.

We’ve done quite a few of these. The most recent didn’t fully work because a module didn’t update on the new system and things dependent on it wouldn’t start.

We always restore from exact same version to exact same version. And, of course, the backup has to be a full backup (this isn’t, perhaps, as obvious to do as one might think).

What Asterisk version are you using?

There was a general issue with Asterisk crashing, it might not be related to your restore at all.

That looks like latest FreePbx with asterisk is garbage - after spending a week on 6 installation it crashes. So frustrating … you are right its not backup issue.

Also, latest Centos yum update crashes completely Centos 7 OS - what a nightmare

Not necessarily, there was a bug which is already fixed. (it’s safe to assume that it was fixed faster due to the merger)

How do you know? Did you try downgrading Asterisk?

Thank you PitzKey, so in order to get ride of that bug should I do yum update and update all modules from the console?

In my case fixing latest Centos updates was yum reinstall kernel did the trick. What now?

On what version of Asterisk are you on?

version - 15.7.2

Yeah, that version of Asterisk wasn’t stable.

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