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Can I use free pbx as a cisco unity replacement just for voicemail and keep my cisco call manager express infastructure?
How do I get it to work on the latest version of Free PB
I found this guide
but some of the commands do not line up with the new version of free pbx

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Maybe the Cisco forums would be of more help, but I do not see why you couldn’t use Asterisk as a VM system for another PBX. In my mind, you would have VM boxes that mirror the extensions. Have Cisco dial Asterisk going to a custom dialplan that rips the VM box from the dnid, callerID or a sip header, then route to the appropriate extension in the voicemail context.

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The thing is i dont know how to do all that i am very new to voip and i am trying to learn it but i dont understand what is goign on

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I think you might need more help than a forum could reasonably provide. You can ask specific questions and get specific answers, but I doubt very many will do the heavy lifting you seem to be describing (for free, at least).

You can hire experts or Sangoma to do the work, or consult for you.

If you want to learn Asterisk and FreePBX below are good starting points.

Lastly this is a great community for learning. I started with no PBX knowledge and we have been able to use FreePBX to quite large scales. You will find a helpful bunch here!

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You are correct i do need a lot more help than anyone can provide i thank you for trying thoguh

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As if the surfeit of options wasn’t already overwhelming, Asterisk has an optional add-on called “Chan-SCCP-B” and an optional SCCP Manager (both from GitHub) that can manage your Skinny phones directly from FreePBX.

Using this channel driver, you can consolidate your existing network into a single Asterisk managed phone system.

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