Free Endpoint manager

I’m looking for a free solution to deploy about 10 grandstream IP phones.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance

There is the OSS EPM that should get you started.

Hi Dave.
Thanks for you reply.
Where may I find a step by step guide on using OSS EPM?

Only 10 phones? Do it manually.

  1. Manually setup one phone from the phone’s GUI.
  2. Export the config file.
  3. Duplicate the config file 9 times.
  4. Edit the extension specific information.
  5. Put on your FreePBX instance in the /tftpboot folder.
  6. Setup your DHCP option 66 to point to


I’ve tried it and seems to works fine.

Hi Jared.
Thanks for your reply.
I’m trying OSS EPM and seems to works fine

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