Framework module


Once I upgraded from Framework to the whole main top navigation bar disappeared (upload://7r5OH3SRA34C2S5YlBpg5f3Ju8G.png). Getting back to or restored the navigation bar. I’ve checked FreePBX 15 as well. Had the same issue once upgraded from to I’ve checked with other versions of Framework and it seems all versions above and remove the navigation bar. My PiAF was installed 3 years ago with FreePBX 13, afterwards upgraded to 14 and recently to 15 to check if 15 has the same issue with missing nav bar. Do you know what was changed between and ( and that could have affected the nav bar? Thx

I am not sure which nav bar you are referring to. But if you cleared browser cache and it did not re-appear, then it sounds like a bug. You can report bugs at:

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