"fprepend" in Dialed Number Manipulation Rules

Hi all. Long time listener, first time caller. HAHAHAHAH! Okay, really… hi.

So our really, really old FreePBX box took a dump yesterday. I’m lighting up a VM for it instead, and installed FreePBX 12.0.64. When I try to add a trunk for our provider (VoicePulse), something weird is happening in Dialed Number Manipulation Rules.

When I add the entry for (prepend) + prefix | 1NXXNXXXXXX and save the trunk, “prepend” (which is in grey) changes to “fprepend”. None of the other entries for Rules on this trunk do it. I can delete the entry and re-add, but it always changes to the typo.

I tried Googling around and didn’t seem to come across anyone else experiencing the issue.

When I look at registered incoming calls through our provider, they have an f at the beginning of the numbers.

Anyone ever experience this? What the eff? Heh… pun unintentional, I promise.

Cheers for any help,
- Tristan -