our current setup is a number is called and it is forwarded to our number then routed to our pbx then it goes to a ring group that rings several extensions at the same time. They want to be able to setup a forward from their physical phone over the weekend, is this possible?

For individual extensions:

If you wanted something at a global level, you could use a call flow control:

If either is not what you meant, perhaps clarify a bit more.

Depending on the rest of the story, I can think of about 10 ways to do that in various configurations.

Tell us more about the “call to the ring group” and where they want these weekend calls to go (as in, everyone in the ring-group, one person, a different person every day, etc.). Do you want it to happen every weekend? Automatically? Can the phones in the ring group ring too? And … what about Naomi?

Thanks for your help. They want to forward to a different user(single) every weekend. They rotate who picks up office calls on the weekend

I asked 8 questions. You answered 1.

So, during the week (or whatever), you would like the ring group to be used.

During “off hours”, you would like the call to go to a specified number instead of the ring group.

You would like to be able to make the selection of ring group or forward to an individual number via the phone.



There are lots of ways to do this - pick one:

  1. Have the person on call set their phone to Call Forward from their phone to their cell.
  2. Add the person on call’s cell phone to the Ring Group on Friday
  3. Set up a special “on call” extension that you set up every week with the phone number for the person on call.
  4. Set up a Time Condition for the weekends that sends the incoming call to the person’s cell phone you want to have on call that weekend. The ‘all other times’ entry would go to the Ring Group.
  5. Set up a database entry that has each of the people’s cell phones and “round robin” them week after week through custom code.
  6. Log into the UI and change the destination of the call from the ring group to the cell phone of the person that is answering the calls that weekend.
  7. Set them up in UCP so they can log into the UCP and set their CF to their cell phone through the system.

There are more, but that should get you started.

We’d like them to be able to set it up without creating them a user in the GUI, so far having them set up a forward form their physical phones isnt working. I know it’s a stretch, but we’d like to do this without having to manually update the system every weekend

So use Dave’s approach with a slight modification, he gave you the nuts and bolts. Got to figure the rest out on your own, or hire someone…

Setup a ring group for each cell number and use the time condiftions to alternate to the cell phone that is “on call”

Is there a guide for time conditions?

Yep! :slight_smile:

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