Forwarding an extension to a mobile phone using misc.destination


I need to forward incoming calls to several extensions to mobile phones.

I can set up misc.destinations with the mobile numbers fine but when it comes to setting the misc.destination under the Findme/Followme tab these misc.destinations don’t appear? (Other extensions do appear). What am I doing wrong here?

Many thanks!



Forgot to mention…findme/follow me is enabled for the extensions I’m trying.


Put the mobile number directly into the FMFM list. No need for misc app/dest.

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In the FMFM list, include the mobile number followed by #


Great thanks, that’s perfect.

Is there a way to apply different time conditions to the each extension/mobile number?

(To give you the backgroud: it’s a tiny call centre that is sending its 3 employees to work from home.)



You could also use the Call Forward All Feature to forward the extension to their cell/home phones. This is how my office phone is set up; all of the normal rules for day/night mode, etc. are all in place and working. There is an option for “Confirm Calls” that you might want to use since some cell providers “answer” the call before they answer the call, which can end up with business voicemails on personal cell phones.

Thanks cynjut, much appreciate your help.

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