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Please let me know if I should start a new thread for this:

We are also forwarding many extensions to cell phones during this time to force employees to work from home and are utilizing the find me follow me. The problem is how do you check your VM remotely using the phone your extension is already forwarded to? When you call your extension and it forwards to your cell the cellphone tries to access it’s own VM.

Thank you!

Voicemail to Email?

But if you cannot do that for some reason, add an option to the IVR.
You don’t need to change the announcement. You definitely do not want to broadcast to any caller that they can press X to get into the voicemail system.

Just tell your users to dial in to the IVR and press X while it is speaking.
Then follow the prompts.

Press * when listening to your greeting, then enter your password.

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That does have to be enabled in the Voicemail tab for the extension. Or, technically, it has to not be disabled.

Thanks so much! The IVR solution works great :slight_smile:

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