Forward call to cell with caller ID

I am looking for help on how to forward a call from an IVR menu choice to my cell phone while including the callers “caller ID”. I currently have a MISC Destination set with my cell, when the caller dials my main number option 3 is to forward the call to my cell which I currently have set to “Misc Dest” with my cell number. When my cell rings the caller ID is the trunk ID from my PBX and not the caller ID of the calling party? Anyone have a solution where when a call is processed via an IVR and the users sellects the choice to call my cell it can make the call with the originators caller ID?

A Misc Dest will pass the number of the original caller by default, provided that:

  1. It is not overridden by the Outbound Route.
  2. It is not overridden by the Trunk.
  3. If the trunk provider requires ‘fromuser’ to be set, you pass the CID with sendrpid=yes or sendrpid=pai, as required by the provider. Some also require a Diversion header.
  4. The caller ID being passed is in the format required by the provider. This is usually not a problem if the incoming and outgoing legs use the same provider.
  5. The provider permits you to send a number that is not yours.

The above assumes that the outbound leg is a SIP trunk. If analog, this is not possible. For PRI, you may have to ask the carrier to enable it.

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Thanks! Yes this is SIP. I am currently getting the outbound trunk ID (00000015) as the caller ID. In and out use the same provider. I must be over riding it? Is the outgoing trunk ID optional? IF I have one set is that why its over riding?

SO I did more testing. Using MISC DEST I was not able to get the calling parties CID to be displayed. It would only show my outgoing trunk ID (and I couldn’t remove that either, FreePBX complained that the trunk needed a CID or unexplained issues could occur).

I changed the IVR prompt to call a ring group instead with the phone number followed by a # and that worked, the call to my cell included the original parties caller ID.

I didnt change anything else. Using ring group instead of “MISC DEST” made the difference.

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