Forcefully logout/Pause agent extension from admin

1.Is there any way to logout/pause agent extension forcefully from admin side using feature code or any other possibility.
2. One Login/Logout entry from agent side using extension to use as attendance.
I think these are the must required feature in freepbx.

Yes, you can build a script that only certain extensions can dial via feature code. You could have it prompt the admin for an extension number and then have it either logout or pause that extensions (or offer the choice).

Using custom dialplan to run script - FreePBX / Development - FreePBX Community Forums

Custom Destinations Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Hi Comtech,
Thank you for your response.
Can you please help me with the script that do the same if you have, i am not good at writing script.

I do not have such a script. You could build one yourself, if you are willing to try and read. Here is what you would need:

Miscellaneous/Custom application/extensions: How to extend FreePBX with custom dialplan (part 1 of 2) | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

Custom Extensions User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Pause and Logout CLI command Queue Members (

There is also a jobs section of the forum if you would like someone to build something for you.

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