For Asynchronous AGI [SOLVED]

I immediately sell it to the kernel

I’m using google text to speech with satisfaction

Now, however, I would like to let you reproduce alerts with the text generated on the fly as needed

To reach my goal I am thinking of using AGI via AMI

With Asynchronous AGI, after some problem with the rights now resolved it seems I can not fix Asynchronous AGI

Here’s an example AMI AGI I’m using now:

Action: AGI
ActionID: 123456
Channel: SIP / 10-000003ca
Command: AGI (googletts.agi, “Google text to speech for Asterisk”, en)
CommandID: 457573

Response: Error
ActionID: 123456
Message: Failed to add AGI command to channel SIP / 10-000003ca queue

I’m also open to alternative solutions, the important thing and being able to launch a call and write the text on the fly, I would like it through a php script run at the right time …

The road I’m following seems right to me

I hope so much to help someone

Thank you

knowing it well is simple

vi /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

add to reading writing rights: agi, all

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