FOP2 - show CID name prefix?

We have CID name prefixes for certain inbound routes. These prefixes (for example "CS: ") appear on the physical phone’s displays but not in the FOP screen when the pop appears for the incoming call. Is there a way to include the prefix in the FOP incoming call screen (i.e. “CS: 888-555-1212”)?

FreePBX 13.0.197
FOP2 2.31.18

Thank you for any advice you can share!

I wonder if this is linked to my Zulu query??

Where did you set this prefix?

It appears on the phone’s display panel (we have Polycom IP331 and VVX250s). It does NOT show up in the FOP screen that pops in the web browser.

Corrected the original question.

Set on the Queue level, inbound route, Set CID module?

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