Caller ID for Zulu (windows)

Is there any way to get Zulu to use either Superfecta or the Asterisk Phonebook to pickup the incoming caller name?

Both of those checks are done in the Inbound Route portion. So those are set before the call even gets passed on to an IVR or an extension. So Zulu has nothing to do with that part.

Interesting. So (as per my previous) why might Zulu not be displaying a cname but softphones (Xlite), Linksys SPA3K and Digium D50s all do? Thanks, by the way, for replying! :slight_smile:

Then that sounds like a bug with Zulu, either the softphone or how the call is being sent to it. But if the CallerID is working on all other devices being called except for the Zulu client then it’s related to Zulu.

Thanks. I’ve filed a bug report with Sangoma a couple of weeks ago and had heard nothing so wasn’t sure what to do. I’ll sit tight. :slight_smile:

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