Followme ringallv2 strategy

This is something that was bugging me in 5.11.65 with Asterisk 11, and seems to be the same in 6.12.65 with Asterisk 13: ringallv2 behaves exactly the same as ringall in followme. The tooptip tells me that ringallv2 will allow the primary extension to continue ringing when the others start, but that doesn’t happen - the primary extension stops ringing (Asterisk says nobody answered in 20000ms or whatever) when the rest of the huntgroup starts.

Ciso SPA50x phones, if that makes any difference (which I don’t think it should.) Can anyone confirm my experience, or tell me if I’m missing something really obvious?

i’m having the same exact issue on version 13. Desk Phone will stop ringing after 4 seconds before calling the number in follow me list.

i took a snapshot of how i configure it. Can i get help to check if this is correctly done?

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-6
PBX Service Pack:

to combat this issue, i set initial ring time to 0 and add the extension at the first line in the follow me list. nevertheless, i would like to know why the above was not working for me. thank you.