Follow-Me settings

Could someone please advise what needes to be done to dial plan to send CID of person calling into the system when I have Follow-Me call me at various extensions. At present it sends trunk DID.

It may be that system does this automatically but my PSTN provider does not allow this but if this is not the issue, I would like to receive CID of caller into system.




There is a typo in the follow-me section which has the macro as Macro(user-callerid,) and it should be Macro(user-callerid). I’m not sure this is having any impact.

The problem is that the follow-me to an external number uses the dialout on the trunk. If you have an “Outbound Caller ID” defined in your outbound trunk then it will override the value from the macro. We eliminated the outbound caller ID and then the follow-me provides the caller id of the inbound call. I’m not sure we will keep it this way but this allows what you want.