Follow me not working like expected

I’ve got an extensions setup without a physical phone and set with follow me to a cell phone. It rings the cell phone correctly. If the cell phone answers it connects. If the cell phone declines the call it goes to the cell phone voicemail. So far so good. If the cell phone does not answer it bounces back to the pbx extension voicemail box. I’ve got confirm call off. How do I fix this? I want it to just blind transfer to the cell and always go to the cell voicemail regardless if they don’t answer or decline the call?
Thank you very much in advance.

In case it’s relevant, I have freepbx running in a cloud system with cyberlynk with yealink phones.

If you set the Follow Me Ring Time higher longer than it takes for the cell phone voicemail to answer this should do the trick.


Thank you very very much. I have been searching for a solution for 5 days. Set ring time to 60 and problem fixed. Booyah!