Follow me in FreePBX and asterisk call file

I have FreePBX operating on Asterisk 13.18.3.
This is the content of my .call file:

Channel: SIP/123
Application: Playback
Data: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom/DJAlert
MaxRetries: 2
RetryTime: 240

I have an automatic system which will drop this .call file into the /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ for the system to place the call on an trigger event.

I used to have a Cisco SPA504G which connected to this extension (123). And on this Cisco phone, I set the forwarding to a cell phone number of mine choice.
Now, the Cisco phone is no longer present and I cannot register a physical phone to the extension and set forwarding. Everything is no on softphone.
So I though I can set the Follow-Me setting on the FreePBX and still have the call alert to forward as usual. However, turning out it’s not the case.
Base on my understanding, the handing of the .call file is on the asterisk level which is underlay the FreePBX. Therefore, the Follow-Me setting I set in the FreePBX does not have any affect.

Main question:
Is there a way to force the call to come in from outsite and then dial the extension 123?
For example: my DID is 4161234567. The call file will call 4161234567 and wait for 5 second and then dial extension 123.
This way the call will be forwarded to the extension I set in the Follow-Me under FreePBX.

Secondary question:
How do I set the Channel for an external call?
Say I want the call file to call the number 41676543210. How do I do this?

Thank you.

Can you make a virtual extension using the cell number. Then point the call directly to the virtual extension?

Call file questions:

You are dialing directly to the device and bypassing all FreePBX dialplan when doing so. Try using a channel of:

Local/[email protected]

“local” and “from-internal”, are they variable in which I have to change to fit with my system?

Local is a type of channel like SIP or PJSIP or IAX. It means the system is generating the call locally not an external device like a phone.

from-internal is the context that every extension uses to process calls. So Local/[email protected] makes the PBX originate a call and process it like it was a phone making the call to use all the rules you have in place.


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