Follow me causes calls to reset so no voicemail

I have an 800 number inbound route that goes directly to n extension. I have a local DID inbound route that goes directly to that same extension.

The extension has a follow me set up to ring the extension plus a cell phone, using the 9xxxxxxxxxx# normally used.

If I call the 800 number from a VOIP phone everything works as one would expect where it rings then transfers to the extension VM.

If however I call the 800 from any land line phone, the call rings a few times then resets and rings a few more times, then resets and rings a few more times. FreePBX seems to think it’s a new call each time it resets so as a result, it never goes to VM.

This only happens when I call from a landline.
This only happens if I call the 800 DID, not the local DID even though both DIDs are pointed to the same extension and both DIDs have the exact same settings.
This happens even if the only number listed in the follow me is the extension itself (cell phone removed).
This does NOT happen if I Disable Follow me

I’m running Asterisk Ver.
I’m running FreePBX core

At first I thought it must have something to do with my provider as it only happens with the call originates from land lines or cell phones. But once I discovered it only happens when Follow me is enabled I changed my mind. It must be something on my FreePBX.

Any suggestions?

Would love to get this figured out.

Hey Jerry, we have spent a ton of time looking at this (we are his provider).

It has something to do with the downstream 800 network and the way FreePBX dial plan does stateful follow me.

I bet it you send the call first to a recording and have it answer the channel then send to follow me it will work fine.

Did you ever get your fiber installed? Love to get you on a hosted PBXtended system.

We signed contracts with Time-Warner for fiber in June 2013. We’re still waiting on them. I received an update recently that said they’re expecting to install it the week of Jan 27, 2014.

I’ll test setting the inbound route to a call recording, set to record immediately, and see if that stops the looping then post the results soon.

OK. That did not fix the problem. After several seconds it still disconnects and restarts the ring cycle again. As the caller you can even hear it as the ring gets interrupted then starts new again. The only way I can avoid the problem is to have the call sent to Voice Mail in 20 seconds or less.
I checked the recording log and it does record the ringing non-answered call so recording isn’t being perceived as an answer by the downstream 800 provider I guess.
That did get me thinking however, and this works. If I send the inbound call to an announcement and then to the destination that works. I recorded an announcement that’s 1/2 second of silence then the call transfers to the extension, rings for the correct amount of time, then goes to voicemail.
I guess I’ll call that success. The problem is clearly in the way the call is coming into my FreePBX system where the 800 provider is resetting the call but this allows me to get around that problem.
As the problem only happens on this one 800 number and none of the rest, it must be upstream somewhere.

We can port that 800 number internally to another back end provider.

Call me at the office tomorrow.