FMFM to another extension with FMFM

Question about the FMFM behavior. Currently we have a user that is managing a virtual extension (lets call this ext. 100). The user we are working with will modify the FMFM for the virtual extension (ext.100) from the UCP. The issue came up when the extension they were using ALSO had FMFM enabled - will call this ext. 200 that. Ext 200 has FMFM setup to point externally to their cell phone.

The behavior i’m seeing is that FMFM on ext. 100 will ring through to ext. 200 but not actually follow up on the FMFM setup on ext. 200.

I know the easier way will probably be to just have them put in the cell phone for FMFM on the virtual extension, but since this is something managed by the end user, the less they have to “think” about it the better.

Any ideas on how to force the FMFM to the extension that also has FMFM?

In the FollowMe List, put a “#” at the end of the ext number to follow its FMFM settings as well.

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That was it. Thank you very much!

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