**FIX** - PJSIP BLF CallerID info

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It has been mentioned several times on these forums, that BLF buttons using PJSIP don’t receive endpoint and Caller ID information. This affects directed call pickup with Polycom and other phones, and is just plain annoying that users with “cover buttons” cannot identify the caller.

This issue has been mentioned in these posts:


If anyone cares - I recompiled Asterisk 16.9 on top of SNG7 using the patch mentioned in the JIRA issue above and it works as expected on FreePBX. I have also tested just moving over the affected module to another SNG7 system without a full recompile, and it seems to work as well across systems. It is logical to assume that copying the module will only work with systems using the same FreePBX distro.

I put up the compiled file on GitHub, so any users needing this functionality can just copy the compiled file into /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules and restart Asterisk.

DISCLAIMER: This is both experimental code and an unsupported way of patching Asterisk and is being provided as-is with no warranty of any kind. The compiled code will certainly not work with 16.7 and lower. YMMV.

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HI yois,

This is great news, do you know if this would work on Asterisk 13?


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Possibly for 13.31+. The code for that file was changed significantly in 13.31 and 16.8. I compiled against 16.9 and tested against that, but you can give it a shot with 13.31 and let us know.

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