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Hi! Im new in freepbx and maybe someone could tell me how to make freepbx work in this way. When there is an incoming call, the system should check incoming call phone number in database from and if there is negative opinion asterisk should reject the call, and if there is no bad opinion phone should start ring.

FreePBX Asterisk Version 16.13.0

thanks in advance

You hire an operator and send all calls to the operator, who then uses their app or web page to screen them.

Although it isn’t made explicit n their terms of use, this is an advertising based service and I can see no option of paid access to the underlying database. As such, I’m a bit surprised at the lack of mention of a ban on automated access. It’s possible that they think that “personal use” covers that. However, if automated use becomes common, I think it reasonable to expect that the Ts & Cs will be updated to explicitly bar it, and/or paid services will be added.

I’m using their app on android phone to check my cell phone number and it works great. It is not common to check number on their website through automated system so i think i’m not a threat to them besides i dont have many calls to check. If they decide to ban my ip then ok but I would like to try. Any help will be apriciated. Thanks.

From a cursory read, their android app requires you commit your primary dial app to them without question.

If that is what you have done and for a company that ‘monetizes itself’ by giving stuff away for free . . . are you comfortable with that ?

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