Firewall Ajax error during initial setup on new freePBX 16 distro install

On a new freePBX 16 distro install the firewall wizard crashes with an Ajax related error, once the standard settings (two or three mouse clicks) are confirmed.
It works when you reload the web-gui and do it again…

Hi @Charles_Darwin Can you please make a video of your issue and report that to . Thanks

This happened on a new distro just once during initial setup.

Ok…I was not able to reproduce the error. I newly installed the freePBX 16 distro in a VirtualBox machine, BUT this time I did not use the web-gui to update the modules (browser went blank). I did fwconsole ma updateall.
This time the firewall wizard worked as designed. :wink:
I assume that since I wasn’t able to see the completion of the update process, I reloaded the machine too early and the last processes could not complete, e.g.

terminal module updates

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