Finding SSH Root Password

Hey Everyone,

I’ve adopted a FreePBX system and have full admin access into the GUI. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the credentials to ssh into the system. Is there any way to lookup those credentials or reset them without damaging the current setup?

Thanks in advance!

Look them up? No. that is not stored anywhere.

You can boot the system into single user mode and reset the root password though.

Physical access = Always some way in


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Thanks for the response! I’m kind of new to this kind of system. Do you have a link to a tutorial on how I would do that? There’s not a video output so I’m not even really sure how to interact with it. Would I just plug into the console port directly and interact with it somehow as it boots up? And would modifying the root password affect the existing setup at all?

This means you have some appliance of some kind.

If there is no VGA connector, you are pretty screwed, and will need to figure out the console port.

It would be better if you actually posted some kind of information on what you actually have.

FreePBX is not one thing. It is a GUI on top of a home built system all the way up to a full distro.

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Gosh, that makes this all make so much more sense. I’ve been finding all sorts of contradicting answers in my search, and that explains why. Just went and checked and I have a Sangoma Free PBX Phone System 100.

Have any experience with that? If not, thanks so much for your help so far, you’ve definitely gotten me on the right track.

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Thanks! I was looking through that, but am not sure if doing the reinstall will damage the setup and configuration of FreePBX we currently have in place. Do you have any information on that, by chance?


The wiki page shows step by step how to get console access, which you’ll need to reset the root password.


There you go. Give the details and you have the answer.

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I figured as much, just thought I’d double check. I’ll try and find that recovery USB. Happen to have a handy link on how to reset the password without reinstalling everything? I tried googling around but couldn’t find much. And once again, thank you so much!

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