Find voicemail to email files that failed to send by email


I have voicemail setup to be sent by email and be deleted after sending today my hosting provider blocked email now I see a error message in the dashboard “Mail Queue 18 messages are queued on this machine and have not been delivered” /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default only has one test message from when I turned off “Delete Voicemail” does anyone know where the queued messages are located, because my hosting provider told me I need to reboot my server for their unblock of email to take effect and I’m afraid the queued messages will be deleted then any help is greatly appreciated


commonly /var/spool/mail/*


thanks for replying /var/spool/mail/* is empty I’m using Gmail to send out email if that helps
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Does mailq return anything ?



204B04239986 504 Tue Oct 27 14:53:49 asterisk@freepbx.sangoma.local
(connect to[2607:f8b0:400d:c0b::6d]:587: Network is unreachable)

– 5617 Kbytes in 20 Requests.

yes there’s a bunch of these messages which I have to take out the email addresses to be able to post


Unless you have a working routable IPv6 address , Ignore the ipV6 ‘unreachable messages’, immediately following/preceding should be ipV4 related messages. grep -v '::' to filter them out


I don’t have any IPv6 if you give me the full command I’ll run it


If you will post test and not a picture , I might :slight_smile:


here’s the other half of the output


Basically your ISP will not allow traffic between you and Gmail. You will have to call them to have them re-allow that.


that part I know they have already opened email I’m looking for the files that are pending to be sent because my hosting provider told me I need to reboot the server before my outgoing emails will start working, I want to download all the pending voicemails before rebooting


I want to manually download all the audio recording files of the pending email voicemails


Depending on your MTA, they will be spooled somewhere in (for example /var/spool/postfix/* if postfix is your MTA) but they will be not files per se but base64 encoded ‘streams’ of the voicemail embedded in the emails.

If you told the system to delete voicemails after sending them to email, its gonna be kinda long winded and not particularly simple , best to have your ISP fix the problem then ‘flush’ the queue


will a reboot delete anything in the queue


Normally, no they shouldn’t, but if you don’t do it in the next couple of days, they will be slowly ‘flushed’ by your mail server.


thanks for the help


after hard resetting my instance from the Vultr console their email block has been removed and all the pending messages were sent out successfully, they recently started blocking automatically SMTP Port’s 25 137 138 139 445 587 168, I told them,

constructive feedback I have used vultr for a long time in my production environment I have never send out one piece of spam email this block severely affected my business today, I would have appreciated if they could email me to verify my email use case before blocking an giving me a few days notice like they do with the maintenance alert


I certainly understand your disconcerted impression of our services and take your feedback very seriously. Currently, our support team is testing and implementing back end changes to account for these situations in a proactive manner. Our team works around the clock to ensure our platform is simplified, powerful and reliable. At no time, would we ever hold a customer accountable for charges if they were not satisfied with our service. That being said, I have gone ahead and applied a $25.00 courtesy credit as a sign of good faith.

Our customers are important to us and if there is anything you need please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again!


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