[Feature Request] Directed Call Pickup restricted to callGroup/Pickup Group

Hey there,

My Idea is as follows:

There should be a Checkbox (toggle ON/Off) for restrictions to the directed call pickup.

In detail I mean, actually you can pickup any call if you know the number which is getting a call.
If the checkbox (global setting, or maybe extension–>advanced Setting) is enabled, the system checks first, if the one who’s using the ** (DCP) is allowed by the pickup group and of the callGroup of the called Extension to pick this call off.

I know there’s a *8 (Group Pickup) function which is doing exat this. but the ** is handeled a bit different because it needs the DID in addition.

Because there is a missing and obviously not possible to implement function we need, we had to activate the DCP in our system. But we don’t want that everybody is able to pickup the calls from e.g. the CEO, CFO or other board members.

Is there maybe a way to script this in the sip.conf or other config files?
or maybe there’s a way to implement it into the advanced SIP Config / Extension Advanced Config?

that would be great!

P.S. If you can help me with the config script I would be extremly happy

That could be a lot of computation. I think I see what you’re doing, but I’d suggest a more blunt tool for the first iteration. Like your suggestion, a check box in Advanced that says “Disable CDP”. If the box is checked, no one can pick up the call through CDP. This way, is someone is in their pickup group, they can use *8 to grab the call, otherwise you can’t pick up the call.