Fax menu gone from UCP

I am running FreePBX v13.0.190.7 and Asterisk 13.12.1.

I successfully sent a fax message last week, but today when I go into UCP, there is no Fax sub-menu.

Did I change a setting unknowingly?

Are you licensed for Fax Pro as sending from UCP is a Fax Pro feature.

Yes I am

I have three commencial modules: EPM, Fax and SysAdmin.

I pushed the ‘Update Activation’ button on the System Activation page but it still did not make the Fax application show on UCP.

Do u have permissions in user.manager for the user or groups setup for fax

Yes, Enabled is set to Yes in User Manager for this user on the Fax tab.

Should I create a commercial support ticket?

I would say a bug report. Issues.freepbx.org

And their response was, “This appears to be a support issue”.

So I should open a support ticket for a commercial module which does not work?

I am sorry. They are asking you to do that as we can’t replicate the issue.

I do not think it is fair for me to have to pay for support on a commercial product which is no longer functional.

The only change made to the pbx, other than normal everyday updates, which I keep current, was by Luke Duquaine on issue FREEPBX-13811.

Commercial module support is free provided your license is current.

Oh, thank you

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Where do you see you have to pay for support. on support.sangoma.com we state if you are a Commercial Module user to login with the same login you used to buy the modules. The yearly maintaince you pay on commercial modules is for Free Support on those modules and upgrades.

@larzeb how was this resolved? We have experienced your scenario today (Fax Pro gui just disappeared from UCP) and have double checked everything that was suggested in this thread. Thanks.

See above suggestion: contact support.

For future searches, this was an activation/license issue.


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