2 Boxes lost their license for FAXPro this morning - what's up with that?

I don’t want to put the ID here for security reasons, but here is what activation on the box shows:

And here is what the portal shows for the same Deployment ID:

Same thing on the other box:

Sangoma Portal:

Why all the sudden did this go away? How do I get it back?

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Hi Greg:

This is a known issue that came to light overnight. Portal team is working on a solution now. When a solution is announced, the fix will be to update the activation of the pbx:

fwconsole sa update

I had Fax Pro up and running on a system. My client has several users using it and connecting through the UC Panel. Today there is no fax option in the UC Panel, there is no license under the activation and I do not see the module. Checking if anyone might have a clue what happened.


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I had the upgrade/update portion of my fax pro license expire on a freepbx 13 setup, and the fax pro info in the sysadmin module disappear. I renewed the licensing this morning but it is not pulling down currently.

When I go into sysadmin module and click activation, and update activation and it does not show faxpro hare, it does show in our partnet portal for the deployment id though.

This machine has been activated.
Deployment ID
Activation Expiry

This machine will automatically re-activate before this date.
Registered Modules
Extension Routing
Expiration Date 2042-03-16 (Free Updates until 2018-03-16)

Am I missing something or just being impatient?


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Today my users are complaining the option to send a fax in the UCP is not there.

We are running FreePBX and Asterisk 11.20.0

It’s been working great for years. I’ve never had to renew a license so I don’t believe we’ve ever purchased a commercial license for this.

Is it possible an update I installed recently broke this?

When I check for updates there is no option to update anything for fax.
If I go to User Manager the Fax tab is there and enabled for my users.

Help please!

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Woo-Hoo - Just updated Activation and it looks like FAXPro is back - Thanks!

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Issue should be resolved. Affected users can update their activation in System Admin, Activation or you can run:

fwconsole sa update
fwconsole r
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Looks like it was a bug. Reactivated and working now!

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Thank you Sangoma for a quick response and solution.

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