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I can’t get Fax Detect working with Time Conditions. (I have the Pro version of Fax Detect)

If I set an Inbound Route to an IVR with Fax Detect enabled, it works like a charm. However, if I set the Inbound Route to a Time Condition that selects between Day IVR and Night IVR, incoming faxes are rejected.

I have a POTS ring group of four Verizon lines coming into a Grandstream FXO gateway, and the last of these lines is my fax number, so I do get voice calls over this line occasionally (when the other three lines are busy).

As a workaround, I made a separate Inbound Route for the DID of the fax line and set that to the Day IVR with Fax Detect enabled. This works fine, fax-wise, but it means that after hours voice callers aren’t getting to the Night IVR where they should be going.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also… I have been using SIP fax detection instead of DAHDI and it seems to be working fine three days in. Is there any reason to switch or to try DAHDI?

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Fax detect is on the inbound route. It has nothing to do with the destination of the inbound route (IVR or Time Condition for you).

Your inbound route should look similar to this. If no fax is detected in 4 seconds, the call will just continue on to the inbound route’s destination.

In this case a ring group.


Thank you for your reply,

I have Fax Detect enabled on all Inbound Routes.

However, if I select Time Conditions as a destination on the Inbound Route, faxes are rejected. If I select an IVR as destination, the fax detect works fine.

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Then you need to


Also, I should add that if I select a Time Condition as a destination to an Inbound Route with 10 second Fax Detection Time selected, there is no delay - incoming calls go directly and immediately to the Time Condition destination (Day IVR) and faxes are rejected.

However, if I switch the Inbound Route destination to Day IVR (instead of Time Condition), then there is a 10 second fax detection delay before incoming calls are sent to the Day IVR and faxes are handled properly.

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