Fax call routing question

Is it possible to have X extensions ring, pick up after 4 rings and if a fax signal is detected, transfer to another extension else drop into voicemail?

That’s not really how fax detection works in an IP telephone structure.

The it’s “supposed” to work is the system answers the call and, if it’s a fax call, send it to a fax destination, otherwise it rings the extensions or sends it to Voice Mail.

What are you trying to do, and why do you want your people to possibly answer FAX calls, thereby preventing them from getting to the FAX extension?


That’s actually perfect. Is there documentation on setting that up? Everything I could dig up was about soft fax rather than fax detection and redirection to an analog fax


This was the second or third when I googled “FAX detection PJ-SIP”. It’s going to help you understand the concepts, at the very least.

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Nice, thanks a bunch!

There is native support for fax detection in inbound routes:


Which works quite reliably here.


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