Favorite Contacts within Sangoma Phone desktop client

So how do contacts work? I have set this up on 2 PBX systems so far and neither are populating contacts.

Edit: I have to search contacts that works. I cannot see how to make one save as a favorite in UCP.

The wiki says it comes form Contact Manager.

I have contacts listed, in the default group only.
Note, there are more, I just filtered for myself to hide PHI.

But in UCP, how do I make something a favorite?

FYI: not having to search first would be a great feature. Maybe let the user choose a group that they have access to and then list all contacts in that group.

I need to be able to setup queue login toggle speed dials as favorites.

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+1. I can make the contacts within the group searchable, but I don’t know how to make a contact a favorite. Having the ability to have toggle codes (queue, FMFM) available as favorites would be useful as well.

The wiki page covering this was not public until just now, apologies for that, see here:

In Contact manager there is a new tab called favorites (upgrade to / if you don’t see it). An admin can define favorite lists from existing contacts.

In User Management, an Admin can then enable favorites for users and set a fav list if they want. Once enabled, users can login to UCP and update their favorite lists using the Contact Mgr widget.

The concept of Favorites is new to FreePBX and the feature is evolving in real time.

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@lgaetz While that answered the question, and you did say this was evolving live, this is really useless feature as currently implemented.

There is no feature to let a user specify a unique contact. everything has to be implemented by the admin within Contact Manager. The “edit” feature for a user only lets them hide or sort things the admin puts in.

Sure it lets me add in fixed toggle codes such as individual queue logins, but users often have their own unique frequently used numbers.

Enhanced feature request: Make it possible to have a contact be a BLF. I would make a check box or something on each contact to attempt to subscribe to BLF for it. This is a feature of the quick dial in SangomaConnec that I love.

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May I suggest putting the required version of contactmanager into the Wiki? Since that page has now been made public, users may get confused if they don’t see that tab as an option.

The user is able to edit the list by adding other users besides the contacts on the list created by the admin. Check the permissions on that user for Viewable contacts.
Also, a user could create a private group, with private contacts in it, and then add those to its Favorite List.

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