Fanvil & EPM

Does anyone know if Fanvil are a brand that will be introduced to FreePBX EPM as I am a3CX reseller with over 800 Fanvil units that I’d like to migrate to FreePBX. The only thing that is stopping me is the thought of me and my team having to manually configure every handset.

Maybe Sangoma can shed some light??

You know we’re almost all users here, right?

This should have probably been sent to the Support or Issues pages.

Having said that - the commercial EPM requires vendor coordination for changes/additions. If you want to act as the intermediary between FanVil and Sangoma (just to get the ball rolling), I’m sure everyone would gladly let you do that. That is, until the paperwork needs to start getting signed.

OK tanks for the info, I have a fairly close relationship with Fanvil R&D so will approach them to see if its something they would be interested in

We have gone back and forth for a year with them on this. They are not willing to spend the money to become certified.

Hello @risaw1981
Its interesting for me why you want to go away from 3cx. I did not try it because freepbx does already everything i want. But id like to hear some feedback from big integrators like you what the reason is why you decided to join us in the freepbx community? 3cx is very popular in our country and i have not too much arguments why customers should invest into a new pbx when they already have 3cx running. :slight_smile:

Story time:
3 years ago, one of our clients was not happy with the call reports details from FreePBX and asked us to look into 3cx, we started working with setting up a server, spent countless hours just to find out that you can’t use Time Conditions like you use it in FreePBX.
That client had multiple IVR’s in different languages tied to queues and time conditions, we spent hours to try to find a solution in 3cx that will work like the FreePBX time conditions.

3cx Developer: “Wait. you are IT? on the first day of the holiday, simply log in and make the changes”…

And that’s our history with 3cx. I hear lot’s of good feedback, but I can’t think how corprate companies are working without time conditions.

Hi mitterhuemer

We don’t intend on leaving 3CX completely as a good portion of our end users love the softphone and functionality but the difference in license pricing means I can pass on a discount if the end user migrates. For a customer with a 3CX Pro 8 simultaneous call system, this costs £333.00 per year. Its also nice to be able to offer a different service. I’ll have some clients that want an amazing softphone (3CX) and desk phones and I’ll have other clients that just want a functioning desk phone.

OK is this dead in the water or is there a chance to resurrect the project?

Typically the action is for the users to make the request to become FreePBX certified. Someone who has bought 800 phones will be more convincing than anyone else.

I have just emailed Joanna Cong , Fanvil UK Sales, inquiring in to whether this is possible or not and who I can speak with regarding this.

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If they dont want to get certified you can try to build a package for OSS EPM. A few days ago OSS EPM RC for FreePBX14 is released.
If Fanvil would offer phones with an actual android version im also interested into this brand. But Android 4.2 is already a bit too old.


Fingers crossed, the more the merrier when it comes to certified devices in my eyes.

Yes their Android phones are a bit dated and could do with an upgrade both software and hardware. I shall keep you posted when I have a response.

Sorry Matthias what is OSS? Newbie!!

This is the Open Source Endpoint Manager of FreePBX
It is not supported from Sangoma anymore, only Community Supported.

To clarify, this module has always been community supported since its inception


Looks interesting and slightly above my pay grade :slight_smile:

Hi Guys

I’ve had an in depth response from Joanna Cong at Fanvil (UK/Europe Sales) and its not looking good! They basically feel as if the IOT testing/certification costs where too high especially as they know what competing brands where charged recently and in the past. I think they feel hard done by!

I’ve also been shown an email from Preston McNair (VP Of Sales Americas) explaining that Sangoma where too busy with other projects not to mention that the original quote for IOT testing would increase greatly.

I’m obviously only getting one side of the argument but have a very close working relationship with Fanvil who I feel are very open and honest. Its almost as if Sangoma are trying their hardest to block this from happening!

We would never comment publicly on what was discussed commercially with another business and for them to do so is just unethical. All I can tell you is they have a proposal from us and we have had talks all the way up including their CEO and they have so far declined our proposal that we require for all partners who want access into the FreePBX Eco System and exposure to the millions of users to sell their products to.

Plenty of others have paid the Certification fees including SNOM, Digium, Grandstream, Yealink and others just to name a few. The cost of supporting and adding another brand is very expensive for us and the sales of EPM do not come close to covering this cost. FreePBX after all is Free unlike other companies that sell their PBXs and make money on the PBX we do not so the only way to pay for the team behind FreePBX is through things like this and Commercial Modules.

Hi Tony

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I wasn’t trying to stir the pot!

I appreciate the time, effort and expense involved in the process and can understand you wanting to get paid for it. I just feel it a shame that a quality/growing brand like Fanvil are not involved in the party! I know I’m not the only reseller or installer that would have liked this to evolve.

They are for sure invited. Just like every other manufacture. Its a cost of doing business.