Fanvil & EPM

Which Fanvil Model or Models do you like to migrate?
OSS EPM is almost ready to use for FreePBX 14. Once the next 2 Pull requests are merged you can use it.

I created a Gigaset Package for the N510 IP Pro and it works great. I think it is not a big deal if you get the Provisioning guide from Fanvil.


Hi Matthias

We us the X series so, X3S/P, X4/G, X5/G & X6, I would be more than happy to help in anyway I can.

Hi @risaw1981 ,

I did not find a Administrator Guide Online. They just made the User Guide Public.

I just found a little Provisioning Guide with some Values.

Can you post a exported Config file of a Phone for Example?

OK I will send you config files for them this week. im currently out of the office until Tuesday afternoon. Ill have them then for you

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