Extensions module in FreePBX does not save information in the file sip_additional.conf

Good afternoon,

I am trying to connect Zoho Phonebridge with Asterisk, I have version 13.17.0 of asterisk. When dealing with the call from the Zoho, the following message appears in the FreePbx registry:

WARNING[19470]: chan_sip.c:6278 create_addr: Purely numeric hostname (5002), and not a peer–rejecting!

Checking in other forums tells me that it is because the peer is not registered in the file sip_additional.conf

When reviewing the peers in the console, I do not get more information than the backbone of my provider. But I do not have any of the extensions that I have configured in the FreePBX.

The question is, is this information generated automatically?

In the case that it is generated automatically, has it ever been generated?

I hope I can find help. Thanks in advance.


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