extensions management


I have installed freepbx distro 14 to create a phone system, so my need is to create several clients (groups) and each client has these extensions and each extension can call only the one belonging to the same customer but not the other clients .
thank you for helping me separate extentions in groups (customers)

thank you

Yeah, that’s not going to happen without either custom code or the Class of Service module (which even then has limitations).

FreePBX is not a multi-tenant system. It is designed to be a single PBX for a single company and its users. There are options to control how/what users dial but that is about it. Everything else is “global”. All the outbound routes, all the inbound routes, Ring Groups, Queues, IVRs, etc.

In order to isolate and keep those items in a “per client” setup you are going to have to do a lot of work on this system.

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