Extension Not Ringing

I am running into a mysterious issue. When I am calling in to our PBX from a cell phone and reach the IVR. At the prompt I dial my extension and the call goes strait to voicemail. I leave a voicemail and I am supposed to receive an email attachment which never arrives. I did notice no inbound call recorded in CDR report on test calls that went straight to voicemail.

• The call goes directly to voicemail & never rings my extension – PROBLEM #1
• I leave a voicemail, but never get an email – PROBLEM #2

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

Should be able to debug both by looking at a call trace. Share via pastebin:


Note, it appears that if I make any change to the PBX and then Save/Apply Config the problem resolves itself for 1-3 minutes OR maybe that is just perception.

I just sent you a link to the Asterisk Full Call log to your email.

Does that work?

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