Extension not found

After creating an extension on /etc/asterisk/sip conf and authenticate it on xlite I’am not able to call another extension authenticated on 3CX phone I got this error , Is someone could help me?

all from ‘Tanguy’ ( to extension ‘2121’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘test’.

From bash,

rasterisk -x ‘dialplan show @test

As I just said in the second post you must have created about this. You’re doing this wrong. You just can’t add stuff to sip.conf, that’s not where FreePBX writes out peer details. Also you just can’t add something to the .conf file and expect the GUI just to see it. Again, extension details are held in the SQL database and the AstDB so if nothing was added there, Asterisk is going to see the SIP peer and let you auth because it’s a peer but there is nothing in the dialplan, AstDB or anything for the PBX to realize calls should be sent to this peer, etc. It won’t have the proper settings for inbound/outbound calling.

There are methods to add this stuff via the system CLI or APIs but doesn’t seem like you’re using them.

The thing I want to achieve is to be able to manipulate my freepbx server using an Android application.The things I want to achieve are :
-First being able to create an extension on freepbx using cli (What can I do this if it possible)
-Second thing being able to create an IVR on Freepbx using java (FastAgi)
So when a person call my extension created It will point to my FastAGI server and will be able to execute a java code. This I want to achieve since 2 months.
If I understand what you have said I don’t need to create an extension using CLI I can create this directly on the GUI OK.But can I manipulate teh extension created on freepbx GUI using a FasAGI Server ?

With FreePBX 15 you can create extensions with the API.

Ok thank you.
I supposed It is this https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/API#API-APITypes

So why are you using FreePBX for this? Sounds like you want straight up Asterisk. You’re not wanting the GUI to create extensions, you’re wanting to create IVRs from outside the GUI method and you want to talk to an external FastAGI server vs using FastAGI locally.

This is all going to require you to modify FreePBX heavily or write everything outside of FreePBX. So again, why did you choose FreePBX for this?

I don’t want inevitably to create extensions and IVR using the CLI.I just want to manipulate them either using an Android application or an API.
If I can manipulate an extension or an IVR without creating them in a cli it will be great

Thank you

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