Extension hints missing in 2.11

The BLF buttons were are not working so I check SIP debug and see I am getting 401 Unauthorized from the extension trying to subscribe.

Looking at “core show hints” I see there are no hints for any of the extensions on the system.

I thought those hints are suppose to be auto generated.

Comparing another PBX I see it has something like,

" [email protected] : SIP/1003&Custom:DND1 State:Idle Watchers 1"

All the extensions are listed for that PBX.

How can I get those into the PBX?


Checked the Advanced Settings module. There may be a way to enable/disable those hints there, and they may be disabled on your system.

There is a such an option which I checked before posting this question…

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Bump! You mean nobody knows why the extension hints are missing, nor how to add them?

I think the option I am looking for is called “Dynamically Generate Hints” but it I am not seeing it in the advanced settings.

Found it! The settings for this option were hidden.

Hints on two of the extensions are missing,