Exception after update from FPBX 13 to 14

Updated system over the weekend. System was an old, under powered Atom machine running FPBX13. I loaded FPBX 13 on a new machine, and restored the backup. Had a couple issues with mysql passwords after the restore. I resolved those and upgraded the machine to FPBX14. There were a few problems after that, but re-installing the missing modules as instructed in the error messages fixed the issues.

PBX has been running a few days and processing calls. However, didn’t notice this issue right away, and now I haven’t been able to figure this out - When making changes to Extensions, it throws an error when the submit button is pressed. Seems like data is saved, but something isn’t happy…

Endpoint is licensed on the system, and I noted that many of the errors mentioned endpoint. I did a fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint to make sure that was installed ok. Have also run refreshsignatures & chown.

The error screen shows:

Any ideas on fixing this? Thanks for any help!

Which version of endpoint do you have installed?

Hi -

EPM is at version I was thinking about moving it to the edge version of 14.0.7. Not much to lose by trying it.

IIRC, we had the same issue, we resolved it by simply clearing the server address and re-typing it

Multiple browsers tried from multiple machines. All fail in the exact same manner.

Sorry I wasn’t clear.

In Endpoint Manager, go to each template, and do what I described above with the server addresses (SIP and config).

I went looking to see if this could work for me, and noticed that two extensions had somehow been set to Digium phones in the extension. Correcting these cleared the problem. There are no Digium phones and the template is probably invalid.

I appreciate your response, and while it wasn’t the issue in this particular case, it helped me stumble onto the solution and may be helpful to others. Thank you!

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