Everything seems fine but cant make/receive external calls

Hello everyone! this is my first post here, i hope someone will be able to help me!
I googled a lot and searched in those forums, watches CrossTalkSolutions YT video-guides and now the situations is the following:
first of all, let me say i’m definitly not an expert of telephones systems and everything involved in PBX, but by using documentations i was able to achieve half of what i want!

I managed to “locally” connect (i’m talking about our offices LAN) some telephones and some softphones
the problem is that now i bought a gateway Yeastar NeoGate TA410 wich even have a guide for configure it with FreePBX but i just cant make it working!
I need the gateway since our company want VoIP only internally, for outgoing and incoming calls we still use a classic POTS provider, so, as i understood on the internet, i need a gateway (with FXO ports) connected to my PBX!

The gateway seems to be connected to the PBX, but not viceversa, i mean that the dashboard doesnt show any trunks online and i have completly no idea about what i should do now!
i followed the guide that come out if you google “Ta410 FreePBX” (cant giv elink since new users doent have the permission) and i’m sure i did everything they said!
Theyr support tought that maybe PJSIP is not installed on my PBX, because if i go Admin > Asterisk CLI and type ANY command about PJSIP it just say “no such command” …

Any ideas? I hope someone can understand what I am talking about and can give me some advices…
For whoever will read this, thanks already for your time ^^
Here i post a screenshot where PBX even show the IP of my gateway… i highlighted it!

It seems your gateway is not correctly configured. Post your configuration for the gateway.

Since i’ve no idea if i can get a whole text file with all the configurations, i took screenshots of what the guide said to configure!

I feel like something is broken with SIP/PJSIP because if i go to Asterisk CLI command every PJSIP command will not work, instead it will say “no such command”
the other main problem is that every exstension is chan_sip but the guide show only of to set up a PJSIP trunk on PBX! and i really cant manage to make estension work by using pjsip …

whatever, i forgot to mention that when i try to call my smartphone with the telephone its say “all circuits are busy now”
if i call from smartphone to telephone its “beep” two time and then the call "start2 and keep going with a strange infinite long “beeeeep”

thanks for your reply anyway ^^

Adding a screen i just founded by randomly searching on the gateway…

seems it even get calls, wtf? i’m so confused.
the “888” was set in the 4th screen field “Hotline” wich i then removed while testing some different configurations,…

Do you gave both ChanSIP and PJSIP enabled? (in not sure tho why you say PJSIP is the issue here, if you have your extensions and Trunk on ChanSIP)

Can you post screenshots of your Outbound Routes and Trunk configuration?

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