Error when uploading background image


I tried to upload a new background image. I was confronted with the following attached error. How could I go about to fix this?

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)

move_uploaded_file(/tftpboot/images/originals/Sangoma-s500-background-v3.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Resolved by upgrading:

I’d prefer to not renew EPM because I am the only one in this firm. Is there a manual workaround?

If you are only configuring Sangoma devices, you can abandon your paid license and use the free license to provision Sangoma/Digium devices. Open a customer service and billing ticket at to requst this.

Thanks Lorne. I only use the Sangoma S500 over here. I have submitted a request to Sangoma.

I haven’t renewed the license for about a year because I thought that Sangoma phones would not be affected and no action was required on my part. It was a wrong assumption.

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I think the best course forward would be to renew EPM rather than, as you suggested, to abandon the paid license. Thanks for your help

If you use the paid version of EPM, once you don’t renew the annual maintenance, you stop getting upgrades. VS if you only use Sangoma phones, and you abandon your paid version, you will continue getting upgrades.

Unless you want to anyways pay Sangoma, which is a nice way of showing support.


will pay for it. $21 is worth the support.

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